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Tips For Becoming a First Time Employer

Tips For Becoming a First Time Employer 

Congratulations! This is a really exciting time for you in business. I remember when I first started out in business. I thought, okay, what am I gonna be doing here? I wrote up a plan and made a decision as to where I wanted to go, and it was really only a couple time that I went, "this is when I've made it." One of those times was when I went to the bank, and they said, "you have enough of an income to be able to buy a house." 

So in Australia, that means you've got at least two years of positive financials, where they'll then take the lowest of the two years and take that as your income, and then they'll allow you to buy a house. That that was fantastic. So I went, "woo-hoo!" I've been doing it and now even the bank agrees that what I've been doing is right and it was a moment of success for me. 

The Process of Getting a Job


The Process of Getting a Job 

It's that time of year again, and lots of people have new years resolutions where they're trying to do better by themselves and become the best person they can. One of the things that are common in the new year is an increase in the number of people looking to get a new job. This might be you, or it might not be, but I'm going to go through and explain a few of the different things from an employer's perspective we see time and time again. The following are things you should look to refine in the way that you go to get a job. 

Why Should You Invest In A Project Management Software?

Why Should You Invest In A Project Management Software?

Let's talk about project management software. Now, if you're not familiar with what it this is software that's going to make managing anything in your business a little bit easier. As soon as your business has more than one person, or you're doing work for more than one client, you're going to find that project management software is going to make your life a lot easier.

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